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OMG v1.9
OMG v1.9e gibts hier zum Download. In diesem Thread könnt ihr sie diskutieren.


v1.9e - released 31.08.2016

- Divine Shop: Players can buy special items for questpoints
- new fancy items
- 3 habors in the corners
- rearranged ability icons and aligned the hotkeys with the icon layout of the buildings above god
- many smaller changes and bug fixes

v1.9 released at 07.05.2011

- Added the demon race:
* 10 units
* 3 heroes
* 11 buildings
- Added Spawn Points
- the buildings of all 7 races can now directly be build from heaven
- to centralize unit placing/giving, the teleporter now has the abilities place, define, and change destination.
- Enlarged the small "islands" in the corners of the map
- Placed a goblin labratory, a market place and a mercenary camp near the sacrifice vortex
- Artefakts of an ally cannot be charmed
- Frost Kings Frost Cage now splashes
- trees created by fertility aren't placed randomly anymore to ensure that they are placed evenly.
- sligthly lowered a charmed artifacts damage
- Bodyguards don't splash on allied units
- If the god player slot is unused, you can now play a normal game.

- several bug fixes

v1.8f released at 26.03.2011

- fixed that artefacts cannot be created
- translated some forgotten texts
- fixed bugs with some obelisk abilities
- fixed the Field of view Modificator
- fixed that portal and dragon aerie couldn't be destroyed
v1.8e released at 24.03.2011

>>> translated the whole map to English

- artifacts can be knocked down by the factory of wonders
- the bodyguards now actually guard their target unit
- Glorious Shield now provides 100% magic resistance
- fixed a couple of rare bugs


- added 4 active Obelisk abilities, removed Gummiball (didn't fit to the concept)
- the name of the linked quest is shown when choosing a reward area with the Teleporter
- quests get marked as failed/done properly now (it really works now)

v1.8b/c released am 16.03.2011

v1.8 released am 16.03.2011- Artefakte added
- Camera distance set by zooming doesn't change when scrolling, default is two times zoomed
- Starting main buildings
are now placed correctly
- Items can now be placed in the six quest reward areas
- Automatic distribution of the quest system fixed
- The Teleporter can now target the reward areas
- fixed a bug with the Itemverteiler

OpenBeta4 released am 13.09.2010
- added the basis of the new obelisk system
- remade Seelenschlund
- Sichtfeldmodifikator should finally work
- Wolke 7 can now create areas where nobody can fight
- a new helper unit is used to globally place/give out items
- most of gods abilites go through magic immunity
- if god takes control over a player, gods units treat the players units as neutral
- Baum fällen can now optionally fell a small area
- the select order priority of gods buildings was improved
- players cant unshare with god to delete his unit control
- units in the are arround the circles have max. speed
- the teleporter has small grafic attachements to show activity
- a bunch of more small bugfixes and improvements

OpenBeta3 released am 16.08.2009

- added an introduction into the tooltip of the ability Neuer Quest
- Removed Hauche Gottes
- Fastbuild is on by default
- added some grafic effects to god
- fixed a bunch of bugs (e.g. Countdownsystem, Sichtfeldmodifikator, Portals can target Circles, Quests get marked as failed/done)

OpenBeta2 released am 04.08.2009

- Hauche Gottes funcionality is now replaced by an optional, more comfortable System working with abilities. Both systems are still usable at the moment.
- added a circle for the neutral agressive player
- up to 5 Countdowns possible at one time
- automatic quest finishing/failing can be linked to countdowns
- added a dialog asking whether you really want to kick
- Anzeigen ability of the quest system gives information about automatization
- fixed a bunch of bugs

OpenBeta1 released am 19.04.2009

- added a new building, which controls the improved new quest system. The old one was completely removed.
- reworked the victory/defeat system
- added a new building which helps to give out units faster
- added a new unit which can create local visibility for the players
- added a circle which duplicates units for all players
- added a lever which is used to clear the sacrifice cages to save performance
- removed the Architekt and made gods buildings invulnerable
- new preview picture (thanks to LiberrY)

- added a new unit to the Arkaner Beschwörer
- replaced the Shop with 8 different ones
- the Fabrik der Wunder can build portals and harbors instead of three dragon horts, which are now unified in one building
- added Malfurion and Sylvanas Windrunner to god's altars
- Mutant and Samurai drop two special items

Gods Abilities:
- the portal besides the shops got two new abilities to port units
- the Himmelsschloss has a new ability to cut down trees
- god can add or remove gold from mines by using their abilities
- Bekehren is also available as an AoE spell
- the Himmelsschloss can create minimap pings for all/specific players/teams
- level, attributes and items of heroes are stored by Einheit definieren

General Abilities:
- heroes are sacrificed via an ability
- remade Absorbation
- remade Berserkerklinge
- remade Sprengen

- units only need to be on 90% of their HP to be sacrificed
- Segnung, Herrliches Schild and Betäubung last twice as long as before
- Schlaf lasts two minutes now
- changed armortype, hitpoints and regeneration of the Randalierer
- trees created by god won't grow back when using Heilender Regen
- removed the start unit sell cooldown of buildings placed by god

- added "-commands" to show all commands
- "-save area on/off" prevents fights arround the sacrifice area
- some songs for can be played by god by using "-music [1-5]"
- the size of an unit can be changed now by using "-scale unit x.xx"
- god can stop the daytime and set it to midnight and noon
- besides the weather effect, "-wind" spawns tornados
- added "-dice"/"-dice x" to dice

- fixed that Chuck Norris was given to the wrong player
- fixed all victory/defeat bugs
- the Warpantrieb works properly now
- fixed some bugs with Einheit definieren/platzieren
- buildings cannot be placed in water anymore
- by Göttliche Gnade resurrected graveyard corpses are given to the graveyard owner
- gave correct pathing attributes to Dranei buildings
- fixed some bugs with Luftangriff
- fastbuild now also works on buildings which:
> are upgrading
> are overtaken by god while under construction
> are already under construction when fastbuild is activated
- fixed and improved many hotkeys and tooltips

- much more minor changes and bugfixes

Ältere Changelogs gibts auf der Hauptseite
Philosophy is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat.
Metaphysics is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there.
Theology is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there and shouting "I found it!"
vllt solltest du auch noch den Changelog der anderen Versionen posten.
Den kann man doch jederzeit auf der Mainpage anschauen. In diesem Thread geht es nur darüber, über die Änderungen von 1.6 - 1.7 zu diskutieren.
Philosophy is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat.
Metaphysics is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there.
Theology is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there and shouting "I found it!"
Ach ja stimmt, an die Mainpage hab ich überhaupt gedacht^^

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